Amana Woolen Mill building exterior

The Amana Colonies & Kalona’s Old Order Amish – Part 2

TWO UNIQUE CULTURES IN SOUTHEAST IOWA – THE AMANA COLONIES The Inspirationists emerged in the early 1700’s as part of the Pietist and Spiritualist movement within the Lutheran Church in Germany. Eberhard Gruber and Johann Friedrich Rock were early spiritual leaders in this Community of the True Inspirationists. The Inspirationists placed a great deal of […]

brick building

The Amana Colonies & Kalona’s Old Order Amish – Part 1

KALONA’S OLD ORDER AMISH & THE AMANA COLONIES: TWO UNIQUE CULTURES IN SOUTHEAST IOWA By Rod A. Janzen (1988) A CONFUSION OF IDENTITIES Two unique religious groups were attracted to the fertile agricultural soil of southeast Iowa in the mid-1800’s: the Old Order Amish, in 1846 and the Amana Society, in 1855.Both groups sought isolated, […]

Old-timey kitchen with old kitchenware

The Amana Story – Part 2

AMANA’S STORY 304 YEARS IN THE MAKING – PART 2 In 1855, Metz and his followers came to Iowa and built a village. After an inspired testimony commanded the people to call their village “bleib true” or “remain faithful” the leaders chose the name Amana from the Song of Solomon 4:8. Amana means to remain […]

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Groups: Large and Small

With 16 guest rooms, some with two beds, Die Heimat Country Inn B&B is an ideal place for groups, large or small. If the group is small – under 10 or so – our dining room serves well for a place to gather in the evening, after a day of exploring, for a drink and […]

stairs leading up to entrance

Our Building is Now Accessible

Our inn is now accessible without using steps!Marc has been busy redoing the entrances at Die Heimat. The front has new, sturdy steps made with treated cedar-tone lumber.The back, which is our main entrance (off the parking lot), has new steps as well. The steps are not as steep as they were and they have […]

breakfast with coffee and croissant

5 Reasons I Get Out of Bed in the Morning

FIVE REASONS I GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING1. There are people in my house who need breakfast cooked for them. Morning is my time; I’m always ready to get up and get going (I might need my 20 min. power nap later, but it’s no problem getting up at 6:00 am). Cooking breakfast […]

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Green, Green, Green

Reduce use of Electricity  We replaced incandescent light bulbs with LEDs to reduce electrical consumption (expensive? Yes, but they pay for themselves quickly) Magical lighting – When guests walk into the hallways and dining room they are greeted with lights activated by motion sensors. We have those lights and our outside sign lights on timers […]

Map of Amana Colonies

Tour All Seven of the Amana Colonies

There is a lot more to see in the seven villages of the Amana Colonies than you might think. It’s easy to make a quick stop in Amana, dash in to the General Store, maybe walk through the historic Woolen Mill and Furniture Store and end with a meal at one of the three German […]

Historical view of two buildings

Die Heimat Country Inn Is Packed With History

One winter morning a few weeks ago we had breakfast here in our dining room with Harold Pitz. His is a famous name in our hallways. Harold is the gentleman who, along with Harlan Geiger, (recently deceased), owned and remodeled this place into a B&B in 1960. Harold is no youngster but he has a […]