Amana Spalted maple
Amana Furniture Store
The Amana folks are famous for their high quality handcrafted furniture. Entering their store is entering a high-class place. The furniture is built to last forever. They do custom building for individuals. They also have their own line of styles and products. Since 1855, when arriving in Amana, they’ve made furniture for themselves and generations […]
quilt project
Craft Retreats at our Next Door Event Center
This week’s vlog focuses on the quilt and craft retreats that we host at our Next Door Event Center. This generally happens in March and April each year when we aren’t as busy with summer guests. We offer a special package rate listed on our website. There is plenty of work space for guests to […]
woolen mill creel
Amana Woolen Mill #2
This week we go behind the scenes at the Woolen Mill. We visit the actual weaving room where the blankets are woven on large looms. What an intricate process. You’ll also find out how they got their new name “Warped and Woven”. A big thank you to Cindy Bowen, manager, for giving us a short […]
Amana Woolen Mill – now Warped and Woven Mill Mercantile
New Location The Amana Woolen Mill store has a new location and a new name. The retail space was temporarily located on main street Amana. It has now moved to its new permanent location in the newly renovated Hotel Millwright complex. It is located very close to its former home, at the far east edge […]