Smiling innkeepers, June and Marc

Reflections on Five Years of Innkeeping

This surprised us too! Unlike many innkeepers we didn’t set out to find the perfect B&B; in fact we didn’t set out to find a B&B at all. Other than the occasional “oh wouldn’t it be fun to own a B&B or a campground” running an inn was not on our radar. Pre-Die Heimat We […]

Front view of inn with clematis blooming along the fence

No Two B&Bs are the Same – YAY!!

When Marc and I travel we like to stay at other B&Bs or inns.  As innkeepers ourselves, we notice things in a different way and are constantly getting ideas for how we can improve or do things differently. Sometimes we are pleased that we are doing it “better”.  But almost always we pick up little […]

Die Heimat Country Inn Bed and Breakfast sign with purple clematis growing next to it.

Amana Colonies in Bloom

History of flowers in Communal Amana During the communal era, leaders of the Amana Colonies discouraged growing flowers. Vegetable gardens filled the yards and surrounded the communal kitchens. Land was not to be wasted, so grape trellises were attached to the sides of homes to provide fruit for wines and jellies. Trellises also shaded the […]

lady in period dress cooking in old-timey kitchen for communal meal

Enjoy a Communal Meal

Special Offer during our 5-year Anniversay Celebration in July Marc and I have poured our hearts into Die Heimat Country Inn for the past five years and now it’s time to celebrate our five-year anniversary of owning this place. We have planned five days of special things for you; something unique each day. On Wed. […]

Maypole dancers in period dress at Maifest

Festivals & Celebrations in the Amana Colonies

Festivals, festivals, festivals . . . celebrations in the Amana Colonies One way for the Amana locals to share their German history and culture is through their many annual festivals. You will love the experience of visiting the Colonies for one of their special festivals. The Biggies: Winterfest is a one day festival at the […]

Willkommen Amana Colonies sign

The Seven Villages of the Amana Colonies

There are SEVEN villages of the Amana Colonies There is a lot more to see in the seven villages of the Amana Colonies than you might think. It’s easy to make a quick stop in Amana and completely miss out on the treasures of the other six smaller villages. Let me introduce you to the […]

Renaissance enactment

Special Events in the Amana Colonies

Other Special Events in the Amana Colonies not sponsored by the Amana Colonies Visitors Center or Amana Festivals: 1. Renaissance Fair The Middle Amana Community Park hosts this annual celebration of Arts & Culture of European History over Memorial Day weekend in late May, as well as the first weekend in June. The Renaissance Fair […]

Tray of cheese, fruit, crackers, nuts

Take a Bite in the Amana Colonies

Every year the Amana Colonies prepares a wonderful weekend for foodies during the month of April when everyone is ready to get out and do some spring sampling. This year I participated in many of the events and had a great time with friends and came away with recipes to try and ideas for making […]

Arts & Crafts at DieHeimat

Workshops and Classes in the Amana Colonies

Are you an artist or would you like to learn a new craft? There are many opportunities in Amana to learn some folk art skills. The Arts Guild, located in High Amana offers art workshops throughout the year. Some examples of the unique classes offered are “Creating Mixed Media Collages”, “Book Binding: The Long and […]

People in costumes posing for photo at Old Creamery Theatre

Old Creamery Theatre

The Old Creamery Theatre Company The Old Creamery Theatre is a gem hidden in the midst of the cornfields and grassy expanses of the Amana Colonies. The company is a not-for-profit professional theatre founded in 1971 in Garrison, Iowa. Ten theatre colleagues formed the company in a vacant building that had once served the community […]