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Workshops and Classes in the Amana Colonies

Are you an artist or would you like to learn a new craft? There are many opportunities in Amana to learn some folk art skills.The Arts Guild, located in High Amana offers art workshops throughout the year. Some examples of the unique classes offered are “Creating Mixed Media Collages”, “Book Binding: The Long and Link […]

People in costumes posing for photo at Old Creamery Theatre

Old Creamery Theatre

The Old Creamery Theatre CompanyThe Old Creamery Theatre is a gem hidden in the midst of the cornfields and grassy expanses of the Amana Colonies. The company is a not-for-profit professional theatre founded in 1971 in Garrison, Iowa. Ten theatre colleagues formed the company in a vacant building that had once served the community of […]

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Timeless Love; Weddings in Communal Amana

Life in communal Amana was as well-regulated as the clock on the wall in the Amana railroad depot, but love, never routine, and always disruptive, happened and young people met and married in the villages of old Amana just as they did elsewhere, but in Amana between 1855-1932 there were rules that made weddings and […]

Man and lady in period dress dancing at festival

Ten Reasons We Love Our Amana Colonies Oktoberfest

Amana’s Oktoberfest is one of the midwest’s oldest and best loved German festivals. Here are 10 reasons why we love Oktoberfest. 1. Ein Prosit Baby! This will be our 52nd Oktoberfest, so raise a glass in the Festhalle with us. In addition to several out of state, big-name German show bands, we’re proud to have […]

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“1,000 Places to See Before You Die”

In the 2016 edition of “1000 Places to See Before You Die – In the US and Canada”, you will find the “Amana Colonies” on page 514 and more specifically Die Heimat Country Inn on page 515.“The biggest and oldest of the plentiful B&Bs here is Die Heimat, an 1854 inn that was originally a […]

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Amana Bricks and Mortar

Moving here 4 years ago, I was struck by the unique and historic buildings that make up the 7 villages of the Amana Colonies. Some homes are brick, some sandstone, and others weathered wood siding, all from the Amana communal era. Sprinkled in are newer homes of various designs. I later learned about efforts since […]

Ackerman Winery sign and building

You’re in Amana – Visit the Wineries and Brewery

In the Amana Colonies winemaking is part of our cultural heritage. In 1855 when the Inspirationists arrived here from New York, State (and before that Germany) they brought with them grape vines. Wrapped in wet burlap and carefully packed into wooden casks, the vines were tenderly transported 11 days via Erie Canal barge, Great Lake […]

Amana Woolen Mill building exterior

The Amana Colonies & Kalona’s Old Order Amish – Part 2

TWO UNIQUE CULTURES IN SOUTHEAST IOWA – THE AMANA COLONIES The Inspirationists emerged in the early 1700’s as part of the Pietist and Spiritualist movement within the Lutheran Church in Germany. Eberhard Gruber and Johann Friedrich Rock were early spiritual leaders in this Community of the True Inspirationists. The Inspirationists placed a great deal of […]

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The Amana Colonies & Kalona’s Old Order Amish – Part 1

KALONA’S OLD ORDER AMISH & THE AMANA COLONIES: TWO UNIQUE CULTURES IN SOUTHEAST IOWA By Rod A. Janzen (1988) A CONFUSION OF IDENTITIES Two unique religious groups were attracted to the fertile agricultural soil of southeast Iowa in the mid-1800’s: the Old Order Amish, in 1846 and the Amana Society, in 1855.Both groups sought isolated, […]