The Pacifist Soldier

civil war soldiers

Here’s more exciting theatre news:

A new play written by Tom Johnson, Middle Amana, based upon the letters Johann Friedrich Zuber wrote his mother and family while away fighting in the Civil War, will be on stage October 21 and 22.

Produced by ITAC, the Iowa Theatre Arts Co.,

this theatrical reading with live performers, period music also live, and projected images will tell of Johann Friedrich Zuber’s experience of war. And what an experience it was. A vivid account written by a thoughtful young man, his letters reveal both the glory and the horror of war, as seen from the perspective of a young man, born in Germany, taught by the Inspirationist community to embrace pacifism, yet swept up in the currents of the Civil War.

There will be matinee as well as evening performances on the Amana stage.

(I will update this as soon as I get more information)