Thanksgiving in the Amana Colonies

Want something different for Thanksgiving this year? Here’s an idea: Head to the Amana Colonies!


There are delicious Thanksgiving feasts prepared for you with all the trimmings at the Ox Yoke Inn, Ronneburg Restaurant, and at Price Creek Event Center. You must call them for reservations, and MAKE THEM EARLY. (Ox Yoke:319-622-3441) (Ronneburg:319-622-3641) (Price Creek:319-622-5254)

The CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES national traveling show will be performing their Christmas Show at the Amana Performing Arts Center on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving at 2:00 and at 7:00. I CAN GET YOU DISCOUNTED TICKETS IF YOU STAY WITH US. LET ME KNOW.

Tannenbaum Forest opens on Friday after Thanksgiving as well. Enjoy the opening weekend of the forest; many beautifully decorated trees in the Festhalle Barn.

Lastly, you’ll enjoy a few days of pampering and delicious breakfasts here with us at Die Heimat.

Skip the cooking, the Black Friday crowds and the hours in front of the TV and support our local community and small businesses this Thanksgiving weekend. You’ll be glad you did!