Spiritual Direction/Companionship

Greetings fellow seekers of purpose and growth. I am happy to now introduce myself in a new role as a compassionate and dedicated spiritual director or companion. With a heart attuned to the nudgings of the soul and a passion for guiding others on their sacred journeys, I offer a safe and nurturing space for you to explore your spirituality, ask profound questions, and deepen your connection with the divine.

I have completed the three-year Spiritual Direction Preparation Program through the Franciscan Spirituality Center in LaCrosse, WI. I am excited to continue on my journey in this next phase of life.

Whether you're navigating life's twists and turns, seeking clarity, or simply craving a deeper sense of meaning, I am here to walk alongside you, listen to your heart's yearnings, and watch the Spirit illuminate the path ahead. I'd be honored to embark on this transformative journey with you and uncover the truths that reside within you.

At this point, with hosting guests at Die Heimat, it would be preferable to meet by Zoom for our one-hour sessions. If you are curious or want more information, feel free to reach out to me with your questions. Our first meeting will always be no charge, as we explore what spiritual companionship means and our connection for future meetings. Call my cell at 319-461-6611. I'd be happy to set up a time to chat.