Printing and Book Binding

Printing was central in the life of the communal Amana folks.

All the printing materials have been moved to Middle Amana. They are housed in an outbuilding right behind the communal kitchen.  You can visit it during the summer and fall months.

August 17 there will be a special presentation from 4:00-7:00.

Printing was important in preserving the written words of the inspired leaders, or 'instruments' of God. Amana also printed advertisements for all the products they sold.

This is just another aspect of Amana communal life that you can learn about and experience when you visit the Colonies and stay here with us at Die Heimat. We are the original lodging in the colonies and welcome you with warm and down-home hospitality. In German we say we offer "gemutlichkeit" - (comfortable and home-like friendliness and congeniality).  We would love to host you anytime. Book your stay now.