Our Building is Now Accessible

stairs leading up to entrance

Our inn is now accessible without using steps!

Marc has been busy redoing the entrances at Die Heimat. The front has new, sturdy steps made with treated cedar-tone lumber.

The back, which is our main entrance (off the parking lot), has new steps as well. The steps are not as steep as they were and they have a broader and more solid tread. Marc also added new hand railings and red cedar turned posts.

He also installed a simple lift so that guests can avoid the steps altogether if they need to.

Guests with a wheelchair or a walker can drive onto the lift, push the button and slowly be taken to the top of the entrance stairs.

There is a little gate that opens to the landing at the top of the steps right at the door.

So if your group has an individual in need of these accessibility services do not hesitate to call us for reservations. If Grandma uses a wheelchair or has mobility problems, hakuna matata; she can just use the lift. If you have a broken ankle and thought you’d need to cancel your weekend away, no worries! Knees feeling creaky or recovering from surgery? You can still come for a visit.

These are all part of our continuing efforts to make our place beautiful, comfortable, and convenient for you, our guests!