No Two B&Bs are the Same – YAY!!

Front view of inn with clematis blooming along the fence

When Marc and I travel we like to stay at other B&Bs or inns.  As innkeepers ourselves, we notice things in a different way and are constantly getting ideas for how we can improve or do things differently. Sometimes we are pleased that we are doing it “better”.  But almost always we pick up little ideas for improving our guests’ experience here  at Die Heimat Country Inn.

I find the great thing about going to B&Bs is that no experience is the same. You can’t compare because, as they say, apples and orange can’t really be compared. We’ve stayed at big Victorian Mansions, at an old church transformed into a B&B, at a “hands off- no hovering” inn that served only a continental breakfast but had wonderful views of the lake, and even a “tree house” that had a lot of open air spaces and a wonderful warm breezy feel (on the east coast of Kenya, no less!). We had a wonderful experience at each one of these places.

In the past five years, I’ve had to learn that what we offer won’t be the same as the next B&B. We too are unique and we’ve come to understand that what we do best is offer a comfortable down-home experience with tasty breakfasts and an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. We are Die Heimat (the home place or the homestead) and it pleases us greatly when guests say they feel so at ease and just like being at home when they stay with us.

And speaking of staying at B&B’s…. just a reminder that it is always best to BOOK DIRECT with us rather than going through a third party OTA (online travel agent), such as Expedia and its many subsidiaries or It’s ok to FIND us on their websites, but then please find our personal website (with tons of information, photos and descriptions) and book directly on our site or call us. Not only will WE not have to pay the OTAs a hefty commission, but YOU will get a better room rate and a better choice of rooms. And sometimes their claims are not genuine and you can have a confusing experience.

Thanks to all of you, for giving us a chance, for choosing to stay with us. Some of you we welcome back again and again and some of you say “this is my first time at a B&B”. In any case, we hope you all come back again to stay with us.