Green, Green, Green

Various vegetables

Reduce use of Electricity

  • We replaced incandescent light bulbs with LEDs to reduce electrical consumption (expensive? Yes, but they pay for themselves quickly)
  • “Magical lighting” – When guests walk into the hallways and dining room they are greeted with lights activated by motion sensors. Those lights and our outside sign lights are on timers. They are only on when used most and aren’t lit all day.

Vehicle Charging Station

  • We have a level 2 electric car charging station listed on the website Plug Share, for people looking for a place to stay with a charger. It is getting more and more use.


  • In Room #6 we separate from trash and recycle all cans, bottles, plastic, cardboard, metal, paper, junk mail, newspaper (recycle all empty toilet paper rolls :)) (can YOU find Room #6?)
  • We use second side of printed materials for internal documentation and notes.


  • We save and compost leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps (did you see my handy-dandy grass & leaf sweeper?)
  • We use the above compost as mulch on flower beds. What rich and beautiful soil we create!

Guest Rooms

  • We encourage guests to reuse towels to reduce water and electric consumption (most guests participate and are happy to know we care about the environment)
  • We reduce trash waste by providing guest rooms with dispensers for bulk soap and shampoo (how many drawers full of tiny soaps and shampoo bottles do you need?)
  • We installed ceiling fans in every guest room to reduce the need for use of air-conditioners.
  • We ask guests and housekeepers to run a/c fan on low when guests are not here.
  • We use glasses and ceramic mugs rather than plastic throwaways.
  • We installed low flush toilets.


  • We purchase local and organic when possible (we would grow our own mango tree if possible)
  • We use cloth grocery bags to reduce plastic bag use.
  • Our to-go boxes are compostable.


  • We use biodegradable laundry and cleaning products
  • We use low water consumption practices and appliances
  •  Vinegar works wonders – Vinegar, water, and a spot of dish detergent make a great glass cleaner


  • We prolong the use of materials (building, dishes, furniture) by allowing non-harmful chips and dings and by repairing instead of replacing where possible (did grandma have perfect dishes? –oh yeah; we ARE using her dishes)
  • Wev’e “Re-Rushed” damaged dining room chairs, rather than purchasing new.
  • We repurpose containers and other items to delay recycle or landfill (gallon plastic containers make nice toilet brush holders, gallon coffee tins make nice storage containers)
  • We keep looking for new ways to show our love for mother earth and we thank our guests for joining us in this adventure.