A Complete Amana Homestead

MIddle Amana outside communal kitchen

Come visit the new and expanded communal Amana homestead site in Middle Amana.

Middle Amana museum site Middle Amana child's bedroom The Amana Heritage Society has just expanded their museum offerings. Maybe you've visited the only remaining Communal Kitchen in Middle Amana. Now you can visit the home, as it was after the communal era, as well as the wood shed and wash house, on the same location. Upstairs, you will see the rooms where the first kitchen bosses lived and read the stories of their lives.

Middle Amana Wash House The printing press has been moved from Homestead to this space in Middle Amana as well.

We enjoyed the preview of the grounds and buildings at an open house for the community a few weeks ago. They are open daily. A guide is available to give you more information. The communal kitchen is still there. It has just been expanded. Middle Amana Communal Kitchen

I'm always happy when guests can enjoy even more of the history of the Amana Colonies and experience a slice of life as it was in the past.