5 Reasons I Get Out of Bed in the Morning

breakfast with coffee and croissant
breakfast with coffee and croissant


1. There are people in my house who need breakfast cooked for them. Morning is my time; I’m always ready to get up and get going (I might need my 20 min. power nap later, but it’s no problem getting up at 6:00 am). Cooking breakfast for our guests is a pleasure. Marc makes the coffee and I do the rest. I have my routine, my multiple tasks figured out and by 8:00 I am ready to serve 4 or 34 depending on the day. (I do like my weekends off when Janice comes to cook!) Plus I love to visit with our guests and get to know their “story”. So many fascinating people come stay with us.

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. To prepare a clean and comfortable space for guests who will be arriving later that day. I want the rooms to be spotless, the linens to smell fresh, the bed to be made impeccably, and the decor to be beautiful. I stop and say a quick blessing outside each room, asking the Spirit’s presence to fill the room with peace and positive energy so that whoever comes to the room will feel at home. I know our place isn’t perfect –it’s old and sometimes creaky and a little too ‘comfortable’ but it has a feel of home and welcome and relaxation that I want our guests to catch a glimpse of.

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5. I get to plan our travels. I’m always dreaming of our next trip; saving, researching, planning, picturing. The world is huge and beautiful and there are so many places I want to visit in my lifetime. I’ve been so lucky to live on 3 different continents, visit 49 of the 50 states as well as 25 different countries.

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2. I live in such a beautiful and unique place (Homestead of the Amana Colonies) – I enjoy the sunrises, sunsets, walks in the country and the nature trail, Amana farm cows grazing in the fields, the leafy shade trees, the trains that whistle through Homestead…. I enjoy learning the history of the Amana Colonies. I often stop to picture how this place must have looked and felt 150 years ago when the church elders were in charge, everyone went to church 11 times a week and families ate together in communal kitchens.

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4. Because I am so blessed with a wonderful family and friends – a loving and loyal husband with whom I just celebrated 40 years of marriage, 3 wonderful adult children, my 87-year-old parents who live close by, family in Iowa City and extended family who keep in close contact even though far away. I have long-time friends who keep in touch through phone calls, visits, and FB messages as well as new friends that I am getting to know better.

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There are many reasons to wake up in the morning, but these five come to mind this December day.