Jingle Cross biking comes to Amana’s gravel roads

Biking on gravel

I can finally share with you the big news! 

On August 5th-7th the Amana Colonies will play host to the first ever Jingle GX Gravel Bike Weekend. This gravel bike race is part of the first Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Series of Gravel.  
Jingle Cross, an Iowa City based bike festival that has produced 5 UCI World Cups and won the World’s Best Cyclo-Cross event, is putting on this event in Amana. They are expecting to draw 3000-5000 cyclists from all over the world including several elite athletes and world champion cyclists. Additional support crews and fans will also be in town over the course of the weekend as will the international media. 
We are excited to introduce the Amana Colonies to this new global audience.
This is an extremely big deal for our little community and if all goes well they have expressed interest in keeping the race here which will bring a large boost in tourism and overnight traffic each year.

These Iowa gravel roads are good for something!

Find more information here on their JINGLE CROSS WEBSITE.