Communal Meal during Take-A-Bite weekend 2020

woman at communal dinner

During the warm summer months Amana Communal Dinners are held in the only remaining kitchen in Middle Amana. The Ruedy Kitchen is now part of the Amana Heritage Society which has big plans for creating an authentic Amana homestead on that site.

In April, the kitchen which isn’t heated, is not used. This year, during Take-A-Bite weekend in the Colonies, we will be hosting the communal dinner at Die Heimat’s Next Door Event Center in Homestead. There will be plenty of room to host a crowd. The Heritage Society will provide the meal as usual.

The theme for the meal held Saturday evening, April 18 at 5:30 will be Easter and Spring in Amana.

The menu is similar to our “regular” Easter meals, with a unique twist on the recipes.


Spatzle Soup

Amana smoked ham (who doesn’t like that?!)

Mashed Potatoes with fried bread crumbs

Cooked Asparagus

Lettuce with creamy Amana dressing

Rice Pudding

Canned fruit and Bunny Cookies (an Amana specialty)

Amana Ham

An extra special treat following the meal will be a presentation by expert historian and author, Peter Hoehnle and his wife, Elly. They will tell us more about Easter and Spring traditions in communal Amana.

Please call Die Heimat at 319-622-3937 or go to the Heritage Society website to make your reservations.

Deadline to register is  Wednesday, April 15.