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Start your visit with an interesting and informative overview of the history of the Seven Villages of the Amana Colonies


With advance notice we can arrange tours with a knowledgeable guide who is a native of Amana and a descendent of the original communal Amana settlers. Tours can be customized to your specific interests and time constraints. Or, simply let our guide plan a 3-4 hour historically entertaining tour that may include some of the following:

  • Visit to several of the seven Amana colonies 
  • Amana Meeting House (Church) where you will hear about the beliefs and simple faith of the Inspirationists 
  • Communal Kitchen and Cooper Shop 
  • Heritage Museum and 20-minute video of the history of the colonies 
  • Wineries and Tasting rooms 
  • Woolen Mill and Furniture Factory and Store 
  • Village Hearth Bakery 
  • Preserved Village General Store 
  • Meat Shop and Smoke House 
  • Village Rug Weaver 
  • Village Tinsmith 
  • Artist's Studios 
  • .... And Much More!
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Generally you will ride in the comfort of your own car and follow the guide. You will hear stories from the past, as well as explanations of Amana customs and culture of today. 

Groups of all sizes can be accommodated for Die Heimat guests. Call June at 319-622-3937 to arrange your stay and your customized tour. One price includes all gratuities, admissions, and taxes.

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