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April 10, 2019
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MN quilt group
Our Next Door Event Center has been a hive full of busy (Queen) bees the weekends in March and some week days in April. Women from all over the Midwest (Minnesota, Nebraska, Michigan, but mostly many places in Iowa) came to work on their craft projects at our Craft Retreat Weekends. Several groups were all quilters. Other groups worked on a variety of projects from sewing, to beadwork, to scrapbooking and cropping, to creating wool wall hangings, fashioning intricate cards and latch hooking.
Not being a very "crafty" person, it was fun for me to see their projects from their beginning on Friday afternoon, to the progress made by Saturday afternoon and then either the finished or nearly-finished projects on Sunday afternoon when they left.
Here are some of the comments we heard during and after the weekend: 

"I'm still smiling when I think of the fun we had at the craft retreat last weekend."
"What an amazing weekend! Thank you so much. I loved the cleanliness of your place, the friendly staff, and the Amana feel. We will be back!"
"Thank you so much for a fun weekend. The food was wonderful and the facility was perfect. You'll definitely see us again!"

Most weekends were booked by individual groups or quilt guilds who had enough women to have the entire place to themselves. One weekend was a hodge-podge of twosie-threesies or more; friends who wanted a weekend craft retreat but didn't have the minimum of 10 people needed to book a weekend to themselves. The maximum number at one of our Craft Reteats is 20 people.
We will be offering these craft retreat opportunities again next year during the month of March as well as weekdays in April. These times are just before our high season begins so it's a perfect time to be able to offer an excellent rate on a Craft Retreat package.
Generally groups come on Friday afternoon around 2:00 and stay until Sunday at 3:00 giving them large chunks of three days to work on their projects. We provide the comfortable and pretty sleeping rooms, as well as our usual tasty breakfasts and lunch on Saturday, so that the women can focus on their craft work.
Coming to the Amana Colonies is special too because there are restaurants conveniently located just 3 miles away in Amana, two fabulous quilt shops (Fern Hill in South Amana and Heritage Designs in Amana) and other things to see and do when a break is needed. Most of the women told me they want to book again for next year. So we hope to see new faces as well as familiar ones next year.
Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright